Power Supply 42v


• Over Current Protection
• Short Circuit Protection
• Power Good Output
• Relay Output
• 4 Channel Wireless Inductive Loop Simulator


AGD Power Module is a multipurpose 42 Volt power supply for all the devices which have this voltage configuration. Designed in Australia to meet with Australian Standards.

Insulation Resistance
• Between AC input and secondary applied 500VDC for 1 minute > 100M ohm

Dielectric Strength
• Between AC input and secondary AC 3200V, DC 4524 V
• Test time 3 seconds and cut-off current shall be less than 5ma

Key Specifications
• Input Voltage Range: 36-75 VDC 32-52 VAC
• Output Voltage: 24 VDC – 4.2 Amps

Data Sheet