Traffic Light – 3 Aspect 200mm 12-24Vdc

This LED type traffic lantern is suitable for a variety of applications where there is a need for traffic control or indication, such as car parks, mine sites, race circuits, weigh-bridges, car & truck washes.

Made from quality materials, this traffic lantern is dust proof and weatherproof, and has much lower energy consumption and maintenance costs than incandescent or fluorescent lamps, as well as a much longer operational life.

The red, yellow and green LEDs are brighter than most lamps and will operate satisfactorily at very low voltages, making them ideal for use in harsh environments or where safety is paramount. This unit is very similar to those normally seen at traffic signal controlled intersections, with a comparable light output.

Available in Red, Green, Amber or Blue LED Modules. Also available in 300mm 2Aspect 12/24Vdc.



Power Supply: 12-24Vdc
Power Consumption: 260mA @ 12Vdc,160mA @ 24Vdc (Red and
Yellow Module) 420mA @ 12Vdc 220mA @ 24Vdc (Green Module)
Average life of LEDS: 80,000 hours.
Lens diameter: 200mm.
Number of LEDs: 90 per aspect.
Light output: >4000mcd/m
Dominant wavelength: Red 625nm +/- 5, Yellow 590nm +/- 5, Green
505nm +/- 2
Housing: PMMA, UV stabilised.
Mass: 3kg (1 Aspect) 5.2kg (2 aspect) 6.6kg (3 aspect)
IP rating: IP65
Sun visors: Separate, horizontal or vertical.
Operating Temp: -40℃ ~ +80℃
Mounting: Adjustable wall brackets (incl)

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