Flashing Wig Wag Traffic Light – 24Vdc Yellow/Yellow


200mm, 12-24Vdc, Yellow/Yellow Flashing Wig Wag.

This LED type traffic lantern is suitable for applications where there is a need to warn drivers that they are approaching a possible hazard, such as a pedestrian crossing. The two yellow aspects flash alternately when power is applied.

Made from quality materials, this traffic lantern is dust proof and weatherproof, and has lower energy consumption and maintenance costs than incandescent or fluorescent lamps, as well as a much longer operational life.

The yellow LEDs are brighter than most lamps and can operate satisfactorily at very low voltages, making this unit suitable for solar powered applications (12V option).

The integrated flasher module is a solid- state unit, rated for 100% (continuous) duty cycle. It contains no relays and therefore is completely silent in operation.

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