306 Traffic Control Radar


  • Monitors moving vehicles on the approaches to intersections to optimise traffic flow
  • 24GHz radar technology suitable for international deployments
  • Approaching or bi-directional detection
  • Range configurable up to 120m
  • Easy WiFi AGD Touch-setup – speeds installation and reduces risk
  • Lightweight, compact units for ease of installation
  • Huge 50% reduction in power consumption on previous AGD 206 series
  • Performance is super-tolerant to weather conditions and other sources of interference
  • Power supply options of 12Vdc, 24Vac/dc or 230Vac


Single or Dual Lane

The AGD 306 is a smart FMCW radar designed to make vehicle movements at traffic control installations more efficient. The design is robust, cost-effective and highly configurable, making it suitable for multiple Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) management applications.

This compact new radar benefits from ‘trickle-down’ technology from AGD’s proven range of leading-edge speed enforcement solutions.

Configuration is easy with the unique WiFi AGD Touch-setup, which allows users to set and monitor the radar’s performance wirelessly from a smart-phone or tablet without any proprietary software or app.

The AGD 306 is the most compact wirelessly configurable FMCW traffic control radar available. It has outstanding detection performance based on accurate range measurement and target tracking. Low power consumption (50% less than the previous 206 series) and excellent rejection of spurious inputs can boost the performance of traffic control installations, making them safer, greener and more efficient.


  • Intersection control


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