Coming Soon! 650 Dual Lane Stop-Line Detector


  • Detection of moving & stationary targets at the stop-line
  • Two independent user adjustable detection zones
  • Deep learning image recognition allows for prioritisation of vehicle types
  • In-built AI aids target differentiation
  • WiFi AGD Touch-setup – speeds installation & reduces risk


Detection of stationary vehicles at the stop-line

The AGD650 stop-line detector is a smart, optical, dynamic environment detector that makes intersections and junctions more efficient by delivering robust vehicle detection data at the stop-line of dual lane approaches.

With in-built artificial intelligence (AI) it is a high performance product that processes information on board. The new neural processing platform and sophisticated algorithms provides automated decision-making to provide ultra-reliable detection.



  • Dual lane stop-line at intersection using a single detector
  • Single lane stop-line detection
  • Advanced cycle stop line monitoring


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