641 Pedestrian Wait Area Detector


  • 4 x 2m zone for monitoring the pedestrian wait area – enhances safety and efficiency of the crossing
  • 3D stereo vision with self-IR illumination of zone for enhanced night-time detection
  • Dual optical system for shadow rejection in set zone
  • Easy WiFi AGD Touch-setup – speeds installation and reduces risk
  • Flexible polygon tool allows quick zone configuration
  • LED detection and WiFi connection indication to front face
  • Compact units for ease of deployment
  • Power supply options of 12/24Vac/dc or 230Vac
  • Patent GB2448617 applies


641 Pedestrian Detector

Dual optical system

The AGD641 pedestrian detector has been designed for the detection and monitoring of pedestrian and cyclists waiting to cross the road to ensure the crossing phase is only called when pedestrians or cyclists are present.

The AGD641 is a replacement for the AGD640 Pedestrian Detector which has successfully been deployed on over 15,000 sites worldwide. The ground-up development of the 641 is a 3D stereo-vision optical system capable of detecting moving and stationary targets over a 4m x 2m zone. The 641 maintains class-leading shadow and unwanted object rejection.



  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection

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