326 Pedestrian Radar

Key Features

  • Monitors moving pedestrians and cyclists to enhance safety and optimise crossing performance
  • 24GHz radar technology suitable for international deployments
  • Dynamically adjustable range for new site designs
  • Easy WiFi AGD Touch-setup – speeds installation and reduces risk
  • Bi-directional detection of moving pedestrians and cyclists on the crossing area
  • Lightweight, compact units for ease of deployment
  • Low speed threshold of 1.5kph
  • Power supply options of 12Vdc/24Vac/dc or 230Vac


326 Pedestrian Radar

Detection of moving pedestrians and cyclists on the crossing

This product has been designed for the detection and monitoring of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road at signalled installations and other applications where the detection of moving pedestrians is required.

The 326 allows optimisation of the crossing phase, giving back more green time to traffic. AGD Touch-setup provides safe, easy remote set up via a smart phone or tablet.

Suitable for stand-alone use or deployment as the ideal combination with AGD641 or AGD645 kerbside detectors for intelligent, high-performance 24m wide crossings.



  • Pedestrian On-Crossing Detection
  • Cyclist / Pedestrian On-Crossing Detection




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